Bringing game-changing mobile UX to the world’s first carshare.
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  • Full Stack Development
Taking an extensive mobile booking process and reducing it to just two clicks.

Shifting Gears

As the world’s first English-language carshare, Modo was ahead of the curve. The structure of their co-op and diverse fleet of cars have remained differentiators, but they knew they could find the future of their product by evolving their mobile user experience and onboarding process to attract new users and keep wowing existing members.

Revving Up

The Modo experience isn’t just about the drive. It starts well before you book and it ends long after your trip. Extending standout design throughout meant considering the varying types of Modo users — and prospective users — and ensuring their experience stayed true across every touchpoint with Modo.

A flawless experience at every point in the user’s journey.

Pushing Ahead

The OG car co-op is now the face of the connected-car future. Across Android, iOS, and desktop, we highlighted a huge Modo advantage — the size and diversity of the fleet — and gave them a new one: simplicity. We took an extensive mobile booking process and reduced it to two clicks. Their complex system of available cars, unavailable cars, favourite cars, and types of cars is now expressed using a straightforward visual language. We refreshed their web presence and helped them streamline the user flow and articulate their value prop. And better yet, we did it all in collaboration with Modo and their foundational codebase.

From top to bottom, the experience is best-in-class and gives Vancouverites another reason to choose — and stick with — a true original.

Invoke's focus on user experience has increased our page views by 40% overnight, helped us enter the mobile app market, and given us a strong foundation for the future.
Karen NewDirector of Information Systems & Business Intelligence

Reducing an extensive booking process resulted in a 50% increase in mobile bookings.

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